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The club runs many different type of events to help you to start and improve your Duplicate Bridge.

Visitors are welcome to all events.

In the Autumn and Spring Terms the Club runs daytime and evening classes. These start on the 14th September (see link in blue below) and finish Easter 2016. These classes are held in the Bridge Centre of the Gosling Sports Park (afternoon) and Monk's Walk School (evening). Each course consists of 24 lessons which are paid for in 4 groups of 6 each. The first 6 weeks for Beginners are arranged so that members will be able to judge at the end of the first group whether it is a game that they will enjoy and wish to continue learning. Students for follow-on classes are expected to complete the course of 24 lessons. For more information contact one of the course Tutors:
Peter Clark 01707 884203

Bridge Classes 2015-2016

Duplicate Pairs at 10am on Thursdays is for those who wish to have guidance from the TD whilst enjoying and learning to play duplicate. Private tuition classes are available for individual or up to four in a group for Beginners to Advanced players. For more information please contact:

Jeff Green 01923 290067 e-mail:

Post-mortem pairs runs on alternate Fridays at 10am. These are designed to identify mistakes made and to learn from them. Each session of 3 hours costs £4. Workshops run on alternate Fridays to Post-mortem pairs ( see links below). These cover all sorts of relevant topics and are designed to improve your overall bridge technique. Each session costs £5. For more information please contact :

Peter Clark 01707 884203

Friday Morning Session Guidelines

Bridge Workshops 2015-2016

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